VIP Vacuum Insulation Panel


Vacuum Insulation PanelVIP board, as a new type of high-efficiency thermal insulation material, has the characteristics of low thermal conductivity, small size, light weight, fire prevention and environmental protection, and no pollution. Compared with traditional thermal insulation materials, VIP, the thermal conductivity of the plate is only 1/6 or even lower than that of traditional thermal insulation materials. Its thickness is only 1/5-1/10 of ordinary materials, and the VIP board does not use ozone-depleting substances ODS in the production process, or greenhouse gas substances can also be recycled, which has the dual advantages of green environmental protection, safety and energy saving, and achieves the purpose of saving space The ideal thermal insulation material. It is suitable for occasions with high requirements for space limitation and thermal insulation performance.

The VIP plate is generally composed of three parts: core material barrier film and air absorber. Among them, the core material is mainly used to limit the movement space of gas molecules remaining in the vacuum insulation panel, prevent gas convection and conduct heat at the same time, and play the role of structural support. The core components of the VIP board determine the thermal insulation performance and service life of the VIP board.

The core material is generally made of porous medium material with high thermal resistance to ensure low solid heat conduction inside the core material, while the porous structure hinders the heat conduction of gas inside the core material, such as microfiber glass wool, powdered silica poly, aminoester, PU foam, polystyrene, PS foam and other materials. According to the different material selection, common core materials are mainly divided into four types: granular core material, foam core material, fiber core material and composite core material. Among them, the common granular core materials of granular core materials include fumed silica expanded perlite. At present, most of the VIP core materials used in construction are pyrogenic silica, but due to the high cost and market promotion is greatly limited, the foaming agent used in the foaming process of the common PUPS foam core material is unfavorable to the environment and flammable, resulting in poor availability, which limits its application field.