STP vacuum insulation panel insulation principle


Insulation board insulation principle:
There are three main ways of heat transfer, namely heat convection, heat conduction and heat radiation.
The STP board has certain barriers to the heat transfer of these three methods:
(1) Remove the gas remaining in the heat-insulating space as much as possible by vacuuming, and isolate the heat transfer caused by air convection by maximizing the internal vacuum degree, thereby greatly reducing the thermal conductivity and achieving the purpose of heat preservation and energy saving.
(2) Reduce the temperature brought or taken away by heat conduction through the thermal barrier of the core material itself. The inorganic fiber selected for the core material itself has a certain thermal resistance, and the thermal conductivity is about 0.04W/(m·K).
(3) Aluminum foil itself can reflect heat radiation.
STP insulation board is a fireproof, ultra-thin, vacuum insulation material with inorganic fiber core material and high barrier vacuum composite film processed by vacuum.