AGM Separator For High Temperature Resistant Battery


High-temperature resistant batteries are primarily used in highways base stations, high-speed rail base stations, sites that cannot be equipped with air conditioners, sites with energy-saving requirements, and other high-temperature float charging working circumstances. The use of high-temperature resistant batteries allows base stations to adjust the temperature of air conditioners up to 35℃ or use them directly in ventilation cabinets, resulting in a reduction of operating costs by more than 30% while satisfying energy-saving and emission reduction requirements.

The high-temperature resistant battery elevates the working temperature of traditional batteries from 25℃ to 35℃ while maintaining battery life. In addition to utilizing a new type of corrosion-resistant alloy grid, the composite fiber AGM separator also plays a crucial role. Our company's high-temperature resistant battery AGM separator uses imported composite fiber raw materials, greatly reducing the decomposition rate of separator materials under high-temperature conditions. The separator has excellent rebound performance, effectively suppressing the shedding of active material from the electrode. The separator has a high porosity, absorbing more electrolyte, cooperating with a special safety valve to address battery water loss and dry out issues. The separator has low impurity content and low resistance, resulting in stable and reliable float current under high-temperature conditions.

Thickness tolerance(mm)±5%Basic weight(g/㎡mm)165±5%(20Kpa)Strength(KN/m)≥0.5d
Max pore diameter(μm)≤20Acid wicking g/g≥5.6(50Kpa)Resistance(Ωd㎡/mm)≤0.0005
Porosity(%)≥90Climb acid height≥85(mm/5min)
Water content(%)≤0.5Acid loss weight(%)≤3.0Climb acid height≥720(mm/24h)
Iron(%)≤0.003Chlorine(%)≤0.003Loss ignition(%)≤1.0